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Teeth move best with light, continuous force. One of the most effective ways to correct your bite is through elastics. Elastics are terrific for correcting front-back relationships, width problems and space closure or midline coordination. You will be able to make these corrections yourself by the proper and timely wearing of your elastics. This means that you will play an important part in the quality and duration of your orthodontic treatment.

In order to be effective, elastics MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES (unless instructed otherwise). You can even wear them when eating. They should only be removed to brush and then replaced with fresh ones. Replace your elastics two or three times a day so they will not stretch out and become weak. Always keep a package of elastics with you so you can replace them regularly.

Remember, the key to effective orthodontic correction is light, continuous force. Do not substitute another size or use multiple rubber bands unless instructed. Excessive forces may damage your teeth and bones and cause your teeth to move more slowly. Should your elastic supply run low between appointments, feel free to stop by and pick up more or call us and we will be happy to send some to you. Every day missed will add many days to your treatment time. As you progress and your teeth move, we may change your elastic strength, timing or pattern.

With dry fingers, place your elastic between your thumb and index finger. Stretch the elastic over the bracket or band hooks as you were instructed. It is usually easier to work from back to front. The elastics may cause your teeth to be sensitive as they begin to move. This soreness usually lasts for only a few days and is best relieved with Advil or Tylenol. Do not stop wearing the elastics because this will prolong the soreness and make the teeth harder to move.

REMEMBER: Your cooperation is necessary and will ultimately determine how long you will wear braces.

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